The Family

We live in the area north of Denver, Colorado in a city named Westminster.

My name is Doug Grounds, and my wife is Nonie Grounds. Our 15 year old puppy is named Zoe. That's her on the left. She's a Bichon Frise, and still quite active.

  • I post stuff on Mastodon, sorta like Twitter but not so annoying. My LinkedIn profile is here.
  • We have 2 daughters, Melissa & Kristina, that live in the Denver area.
  • We enjoy traveling and have been to many places on this planet. Some of our favorite destinations are New York City, Napa Valley, Ireland, Italy, all things Mediterranean, and the UK.
  • We like the theater, dining out, good wine, and hanging out with the family. Sometimes we take pictures and if I can muster up the ambition I will upload some here.